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 Other Critical Thinking Websites
This page contains links and discussion to other critical thinking websites with overlapping subject matter. If you know of a website that would be a good addition to this list, please email me the link.

Name Description
Critical Thinking Web They describe their site thus: "This educational web site provides over 100 free online tutorials on critical thinking, logic, scientific reasoning, creativity, and other aspects of thinking skills. Our online tutorials have been used by universities, community colleges, and high schools across the world." . The site is maintained by Dr. Joe Lau and Dr. Jonathan Chan and is hosted by the department of philosophy, University of Hong Kong. This is a fantastic resource for developing critical thinking skills--highly recommended.
University of Northern Colarado The link to the left will allow you to navigate to several great resources including Tom Trelogan's "Arguments and Their Evaluation". This is a great and succinct introduction to critical thinking. You will also find on this site the "Argument Clinic". Readers are invited to send in arguments for evaluation. The doctor does a nice job dissecting them. 
Critical Reasoning: A User's Manual A large book (640 pages) by Professor Chris Swoyer available free. I highly recommend this work for anyone who wants a greater understanding of the theory and practice of critical thinking.